Bar Margot, located inside Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, opened as a collaboration with restaurateur Ford Fry in 2015 and is now led by Executive Pastry Chef Daniella Lea Rada and Sous Chef Chad “Sosa” Hester. Bar Margot’s menu injects traditional American and globally inspired cuisines with a Southern infusion. Our award-winning beverage program is led by Restaurant General Manager Vinnie Dugan, Bar Manager Ryan Bayliss and Lead Bartender Nick Middlebrooks. Since the opening in fall 2015, Bar Margot has quickly become one of Midtown’s most revered and awarded restaurants.


Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela to a Holocaust survivor, Daniella Lea Rada’s fondness for the culinary arts was sparked by her maternal great-grandmother. She enrolled at Argentina’s Instituto Gato Dumas – Colegio de Gastronomía, with the intention of focusing on savory dishes. However, she felt an instant spark during her first baking course that redirected her interests to the highly-structured, scientific realm of pastries. Chef Lea Rada’s insatiable desire to continuously learn led her to train among some of the world’s most prestigious culinary institutions in France, Latin America and the United States, working with and learning from the likes of distinguished Meilleur Ouvrier de France recipients Thierry Bamas and Pierre Mirgalet. Even still, she continues to refine her skills by completing at least one new advanced pastry course per year – often planning her international “vacations” to Paris, New York, Chicago and Buenos Aires in tandem with such courses.

Chad Hester – affectionately known as “Sosa” – was born in Augusta, Georgia, where he grew-up in a traditionally African-American Southern household. In his family, food was prepared with love, and those consuming it were filled with slow-cooked cuisine and a sizeable helping of palatable joy.  It is an instinctive, intangible ingredient that Chef Sosa observed by watching his grandmother, mother and sister prepare family meals for occasions large and small – and now, is engrained in him.  
Today, he defines his cooking style as a fusion of fine-dining and contemporary American cuisine with a dash of Southern influence. Chef Sosa is often lauded for his creativity in the kitchen among Georgia’s culinary insiders, as well as his unwavering commitment to the Atlanta community.